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FANATIC PACK #1 features 12 scenarios on card stock. Each scenario has been thoroughly playtested and balanced for your enjoyment. Here are summaries of the actions depicted:

FE1 A Victory for Early Polish Armor: It is 1920 and the Russian army is invading the fledgling country. But the tough Polish Army is going to fight for its independence with every tool it possesses. You want tin can action? Here it is! Uses boards 46 and 11 and requires use of Axis Minor and Italian counters.

FE2 Dans La Bataille, Pour La Patrie: May 1940, the French have their one opportunity to crush the German assault. The successful attack through the Ardennes is moving to the sea, cutting the French in half. However, this gives the French a singular opportunity for counterattack. Can DeGaulle marshal his forces for an effective attack? Requires board 12 and 4 and the French and German counters.

FE3 The Border Forts: November 1940 was a very bad month for Mussolini. His attack in Greece was failing, his battle fleet was heavily damaged at Taranto and his airforce was taking a beating in England. Only in the far deserts of East Africa was he enjoying any victory. Uses boards 27 and 31 and requires Italian and British Counters.

FE4 Whirling Dervishes: February 1941 finds the newly formed Free French Army looking for a way to contribute to the Allied cause. Bold action is taken from the colony of Camaroon. Using odds and ends of vehicles they traverse the desert and surround an isolated Italian fort. The defenders hang on until the cavalry arrive in the form of an Auto Saharan Company. Uses boards 26 and 28 and requires Italian and French counters.

FE 5 Beyond the Call of Duty: its April 1941 and the Germans are preparing to invade Yugoslavia. Just before the invasion assault troops cross the border and attack the fortifications along the frontier. Requires board 11 and 18 and uses Allied Minor and German Counters.

FE6: Cavalry Charge at Mussino: During the crucial battle in front of Moscow in November 1941, the Soviets are boosted by the arrival of Mongolian Cavalry units from the far east. However the cavalry would pay dearly in this action as they assault the dug-in German guns in a bloody cavalry charge. Uses boards 19 and 42 and Russian and German counters.

FE 7 Quick and Dirty: It is the Spring of 1942 and the Japanese have released their own form of Blitzkrieg covering much of the globe with their power. March finds them invading Java and in this opening skirmish a Japanese reconnaissance patrol races a Dutch force to capture a bridge. Uses Board 47 and Japanese and Allied Minor counters.

FE 8 Soebang Serenade: The only major armor clash of the Dutch East Indies Campaign occurred at Soebang on March 2, 1942. The counterattacking Dutch run into Japanese forces consolidating their control near the Soebang airfield and a melee ensues. Uses boards 24, 37 and 38 and uses Japanese and Allied Minor counters.

FE 9: Blackforce Counterattack: British and Japanese tangle in this PTO action. British armor and infantry slug it out as the Japanese try to protect their bridgehead. Uses boards 38 and 40 and British and Japanese counters.

FE 10: An Abandoned Army: The surrender of Allied forces on Java did not end the fighting in the Dutch East Indies. A desperate force of Dutch and native troops struggles to hang together on the island of Sumatra. The Japanese are poised to crush them along with the help of the locals. An Urban Guerrilla for the PTO with partisan units popping out of nowhere to attack the Dutch. Uses board 32 and Japanese and Allied Minor units along with partisan counters.

FE11: Italian Winter: The German SS Police force was a fearsome and tough group. This action covers a battle between the SS Police force using captured T-34's against a dug in Italian partisan force with some tricks of their own. Uses board 50 along with Italian, German and Russian counters.

FE 12: Once More into the Breach: Late in the war the Germans were desperate. Attacked from all sides they threw what they could at the tidal wave of Russians attacking from everywhere. This action covers a rescue operation as the SS try to reach a surround group of SS before they can be annihilated



 BATTLIN' BASTARDS OF BATAAN covers the early war campaign in the Philippines and is compatible with the Advanced Squad Leader system.

A summary of the scenarios follows:

FE 25 Trouble at Agoo, December 22, 1941: A precursor action to the Bataan campaign pits 5 American light tanks against a Japanese AT Gun and reinforcing armor. Using board 38, this is a faced paced tourney sized action packed scenario.

FE 26 Precious Minutes, January 2, 1942: As the American and Filipino forces fall back into Bataan they desperately need time to establish their defensive line. This scenario on boards 35 and 38 pits a group of American infantry against an equivalent group of Japanese infantry. The Japanese must fight through the Americans and capture some huts avoiding some hidden American ART Guns in the process.

FE 27 The Bravest Thing I Ever Saw, January 6, 1942: Two opposing forces setup on opposing hills and blast away at each other as they try to capture the others hill. Each side gets the opportunity to attack and defend in this nail biter. The Americans get a bunch of infantry some fortifications and a couple of ART guns against a small swarm of Japanese infantry supported by ART Guns. This scenario uses boards 18 and 36.

FE 28 Fidgety Bridget, January 23, 1942: Here is a unique situation not normally seen in ASL, a meeting engagement at night. Tow opposing infantry forces must climb the board 39 hill and capture as much ground as possible. Both sides attack in this tactical puzzle.

FE 29 Reluctant Warriors: January 24, 1942: This is a really quick one. 8 American squads supported by an American Bren Gun Carrier (yes an American Carrier!) must seek out and capture a Japanese AT Gun and MG on board 36. Find out why the Americans had carriers and enjoy a scenario featuring this rare vehicle.

FE 30 Trail #2: January 27, 1942: This is a meaty scenario on boards 43 and 44 using a few overlays including rice paddies. Dont worry the Rice Paddies arent too onerous in this scenario. 20 Japanese squads must push through an American line and off the board. The Americans get some armor support in the form of some HT mounted artillery.

FE 31 Plenty of Time to Rest When You're Dead, February 2, 1942: This is a medium sized scenario on board 36. The Americans with a moderate amount of infantry supported by 3 Light Tanks must push up the road and capture a bridge against some dug-in Japanese infantry supported by an AT Gun.

FE 32 Get to the Point, February 3, 1943: This is another meaty scenario pitting 22 American squads supported by Light Tanks against a bunch of dug in Japanese squads with a few surprises of their own. The Americans in this one are using dynamite bundles, which adds a nice bit of flavor to the scenario. This scenario uses boards 34 and 37.

FE 33 Battlin' Bastards of Bataan, April 3, 1942: The Philippine campaign is drawing to a close but the Americans still have a lot of fight in them. This scenario, set on board 47 sees the Japanese with combined arms of infantry, artillery and armor pushing down the board against dug-in Americans supported by AT Guns and fortifications. This is another meaty scenario.

FE 34 Go Down Fighting, April 5, 1944: The campaign is nearing the end. The Battlin' Bastards of Bataan are giving it their all. This scenario, set on board 38, pits a ragged bunch of Americans supported by some ancient INF guns trying vainly to stop the Japanese onslaught. The Japanese get 4 tanks to support their infantry but in this nail biter the Japanese will need all the good luck they can generate.

The Philippine Campaign is an area of World War 2 that is ripe with actions ready to be represented in ASL. The Campaign uses a great deal of armor and ordnance not seen elsewhere during WW2. Furthermore, the campaign had a number of unique situations that lend themselves to a rules and actions not commonly encountered in ASL. This scenario pack demonstrates the fertile nature of this campaign. As an example here is a few features of these scenarios:

3 different types of American Armor including a new vehicle type 3 different types of American ordnance including a new gun type 4 different types of Japanese armor Rice paddies Unique SSR's including dynamite bundles and aerial observer directed OBA Daisy chains Night meeting engagement.

This is all pulled off without the normal scary complexity of a PTO scenario pack. There are no sea borne assaults, no caves, and the only night scenario is both unique and fairly easy as far as night scenarios go. This pack is a great intro to PTO product.



This scenario pack contains 16 well-tested, balanced, fun and different scenarios. A summary of the scenarios follows:

FE 62 Uncle Joe's Fury, July 1941: An old fashioned combined arms assault on boards 48 and 44 with a good sized Russian infantry and tank force attempting to capture buildings and kill Germans who are equipped with infantry, tanks and guns.

FE 63 Out Land, August 1941: The Finns and the Russians go at it in this scenario. Finnish infantry assaults the board 10 and 42 villages attempting to capture buildings against infantry, guns and tanks.

FE 64 The Iron Ring is Closed, August 1941: This is a very meaty scenario. 44 German squads, OBA, halftracks and assault guns attack on boards 40, 49, 42, 24, 22 and 23. The Russians defend with 42 squads and several guns. The victory conditions are interesting with each side attempting to control the riverbank.

FE 65 Straight to the Front, September 1941: This scenario offers some good replay value. The Germans attack across boards 19 and 11 attempting to capture some buildings. The Germans get SS infantry and some AFV. The Russians start with some infantry and receive random tank support. A medium sized scenario should be popular.

FE 66 Tedium, October 1941: This is a classic slogging match across boards 19 and 44. Dug-In Russian troops try to stop a combined arms German force. The Germans have infantry, tanks and halftracks against the Russians with infantry, fortifications and Guns.

FE 67 A Cold Day in Hell, December 1941: The Finns and the Russians go at it in this small infantry only action. The action takes place in winter conditions on boards 8 and 42. This should make for good tourney action.

FE 68 Beast of Prey, March 1942: A real and true slugfest in the woods. Once again dug-in Russian defenders on boards 32 and 36 try to hold Germans from exiting the board. The Russians get infantry, fortifications and Guns while the Germans get SS infantry and some Stugs.

FE 69 Tiger Woods, August 1942: Yes! Another scenario with Tiger in its title!!! If that is not enough to get you excited then this scenario's OB should do it. The Germans get 4 Tigers up against a couple of Russian T-43's and a AA Truck. Each side gets a good number of infantry. This action takes place on boards 36 and 42.

FE 70 Worker's Settlement No. 8, September 1942: This cool infantry only scenario (well the Germans get one INF gun) takes place on board 33 and 4. This scenario has a cool twist for entry conditions with the Russians entering anywhere on 3 board edges. A cool twist in the VC makes for some uncertainty on where to attack. Sure to be a favorite for the tourney crowd.

FE 71 Cold Steel Rain, January 1943: This is another meaty scenario that should offer some good replay value given the variable VC. The Germans get infantry and some AT Guns and defend on boards 33 and 48 against attacking Russian infantry, OBA and some T-60 tanks. .

FE 72 Manos a la Manos, February 1943: The Spanish Blue Division makes its debut in this action on boards 13 and 18. The Spanish infantry with an AT Gun and some variable additional forces must defend some terrain against a lot of Russian infantry, tanks and Flamethrower tanks. The Russians got the numbers but do they have the time to capture the victory terrain?!

FE 73 Polar Star, February 1943: Another meaty old-fashioned scenario, this time on boards 17, 19 and 18. The Germans get 24 squads, fortifications, Stugs and some AT Guns and must hold off a swarm of 32 Russian squads, Assault guns and tanks from exiting and capturing some buildings. Lots of options in this one fore each side.

FE 74 Fruitless Fighting, March 1943: The classic capture the village type scenario on boards 12 and 17. This scenario features 20 Russian squads supported by tanks and assault guns attacking the village against an outpost of SS infantry and some fortifications. The Germans receive reinforcements in the form of infantry and 4 Tiger tanks.

FE 75 Porech'e Push, August 1943: My favorite of the scenarios in this pack. The Russians fight out of a bridgehead against a strong German force to capture the hills overlooking their bridgehead. Really get the flavor of the historic action in this one. The Russians get a bunch of infantry and an assortment of AFV against German infantry, guns and additional forces that they select from an available force pool. This scenario is set on boards 3, 8 and 49.

FE 76 The Battle of Krasnogvadeisk, January 1944: This is another one of those big scenarios that capture the flavor of east front action. Set on boards 18, 49 and 22 this is a meaty scenario with 26 Russian squads and 5 AFV attacking to capture some buildings against 21 squads, 4 tanks and some fortifications.

FE 77 Stalin's Revenge, June 1944: Another Finnish versus Russian scenario setup on boards 5 and 32. This is a smallish scenario featuring 9 Finnish squads and a couple of AT Guns against 15 Russian squads and 3 AFV. This is a brutal one for the Finnish as they attempt to stop the Russians from capturing some buildings.

FANATIC ENTERPRISES is please to announce the release of The Luzon Pack; another fine scenario pack covering a variety of unique actions for the Advanced Squad Leader system.

The scenario pack includes 12 scenarios covering the Luzon campaign and covers a nice variety of actions and features many Japanese vehicles rarely used in ASL scenarios.

A summary of the scenarios follows:

FE 96 Luzon Fire!: A small scenario set on board 38. The scenario features a small American guerilla force attacking an isolated Japanese garrison. This is a nice tourney sized scenario.

FE 97 Potpot Potshot: This scenario is also set on board 38. This is a small scenario, set at night with a dug in American force supported by an AT Gun and a scout car defending against a tank supported Japanese force out to capture terrain and kill some Americans.

FE 98 Spirited Action: This is a moderately sized scenario set on board 48. The Japanese defend the village with a combination of infantry and armor against a strong American infantry force supported by 5 tanks. The Americans are out to capture some buildings.

FE 99 Nasty Little Firefight: This is a small scenario set on board 35. A night action the Japanese have to kill a few Americans or capture some terrain against a platoon of dug-in GI’s. The Japanese get a single tank to aid them.

FE100 San Manuel #1: Another moderate sized scenario set on boards 32 and 42. This is a nice and bloody fight to capture buildings. Each side gets a good amount of armor and a nice number of infantry.

FE 101 San Manuel #2: This one is set on board 22. This scenario is a small to medium sized scenario featuring a defending Japanese infantry force supported by 3 tanks. The American infantry is supported by some OBA. The Americans are trying to knock out the tanks or capture some buildings.

FE 102 Spirit of Bushido: Here is another night scenario, this time set on board 3. The Americans are defending against an attacking Japanese force. Each side is a combination of infantry and armor. Here is a nice night banzai attack, if you don’t love that you don’t love PTO!!!

FE 103 Yanangimoto: This is a medium to large sized scenario featuring a defending American force having to defend a lot of terrain. They are supported by a HMC and reinforced by more HMC and GMC. The Japanese attack with a large force of infantry and armor. This scenario is set on boards 32 and 44.

FE 104 An Army Travels on It’s Stomach: Ok I have heard your request and attempted to use HASL maps in some scenarios. This one features a corner of Pegasus Bridge, featuring irrigation ditches. This scenario is smallish and pits American infantry supported by 3 AFV against some dug in Japanese infantry and a tank and AT Gun.

FE 105 Reckless Behavior: Here is a cool, unique scenario representing an armored ambush. Set on board 49, a convoy of Japanese trucks and APC’s run into an American reconnaissance force. This one is sure to be bloody.

FE 106 Hero in Our Midst: This scenario features a combined arms American force attacking a dug in Japanese force of infantry and guns. Set on boards 22 and 49, the Americans receive a combined arms force including OBA, tanks, and a good amount of infantry. This scenario details the action for which Sgt. Donald Rudolph received his Medal of Honor. A summary of the Medal of Honor citation is included with the scenario pack.

FE 107 Norton’s Knob: This is the requisite scenario featuring caves. Ok there are three caves so hopefully this won’t put off too many players. In fact, this scenario may be a good introduction to players to cave rules. The scenario is set on board 17 and 50. The Japanese get some infantry and defend the hills against a strong American force of infantry supported by a heavy AA Gun.

The Oblivion Pack

FE 116 Bad Neighbor Policy: A small scenario set on boards 3 and 49. The scenario features a March 1939 border action featuring a small Slovakian combined arms force attacking a small Hungarian force. This is nice tourney sized scenario.

FE 117 Sanok Action: This scenario is set on boards 48 and 2. This is a medium sized scenario set in the opening days of Barbarossa. The scenario features a dug in Russian force holding off a German-Slovakian force that needs to capture some pillboxes.

FE 118 Zaporhze Island: This is another tourney scenario set on boards 47 and 8. Some dug in Russian defenders defend a stream crossing and try to hold some buildings against a infantry armor Hungarian force.

FE 119 The Face of War: During the Crimea Campaign, this scenario features the Rumanians attacking some dug in Russians supported by late arriving armor. This scenario is set on boards 19 and 16. This is your typical attack counterattack situation.

FE 120 Nasty Business: Much of the time Axis Minor troops were performing security services. This scenario set on boards 19 and 49 features a small partisan screening force attempting to delay rear echelon Slovakian troops from attacking the buildings on board 49 from a force of partisans set up on 49. This is a medium sized scenario.

FE 121 Allies in a Few Days: This one is set on boards 40 and 42. This is a meaty scenario featuring a river crossing with a twist. A dug in Russian force tries to keep a Rumanian force from crossing the river but the twist is that the Rumanians have troops popping out of the ether behind their lines. This action represents a situation where the Russians had broken through the Rumanian lines and reached a river. The Rumanian 1st Armored Division was tasked with counterattacking but the Russians were still dealing with bypassed units.

FE 122 Slovakian Slugfest: This one is set on boards 40 and 50. The Germans are attempting to squash the Slovakian Uprising. The Germans are attacking down these boards against Slovakian armor and infantry supported by partisans. Some unique set up conditions give this good replay value.

FE 123 Enemies All Around: The Bulgarians show up in this scenario. A small rear echelon German unit is surrounded. The Bulgarians have to destroy their vehicles. This scenario is set on boards 24 and 50.

FE 124 Paulis Detachment: This is a very meaty scenario featuring the Hungarians fighting the Rumanians on boards 49 and 22. A dug in Rumanian force tries to hold off an strong Hungarian attack.

FE 125 Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Here is a quick playing tourney scenario set on board 48. A small German force sets up HIP and tries to ambush a Bulgarian Reconnaissance unit. This should be a good one for lots of play with a great deal of replay potential.

FE 126 Path to Retribution: The Yugoslavian armored brigade shows up in this one as they try to catch and destroy a German/Croatian combined arms force. This meaty scenario is set on boards 41 and 49.

FE 127 Junkyard Wars: This scenario features the Bulgarian Armored Regiment attacking a force of Germans. Both sides get substantial armor and this is a meaty scenario. This scenario is set on boards 16 and 48


This scenario pack contains 12 well-tested, balanced, fun and different scenarios.

FE 13 Defeat at Seroczyn, September 1939: The desperate Poles are scraping the bottom of the barrel throwing everything they can at the Germans to stem the tide. In this action the Poles attempt a combined arms assault across the board 40 river into the Board 12 village against German light tanks, armored cars and infantry.

FE 14 Stab in the Back, September 1939: Poland is collapsing. The Poles are racing for the Rumanian border to salvage what they can. This action, set on boards 50, 48 and 44 is a race for the board edge as a fleeing Polish column including tanks, tankettes, cavalry and infantry try to fight their way past a blocking force of Russian tanks with reinforcing infantry.

FE 15 Contested Landing, May 1940: The German invasion of the west is on. The elite German paratroopers attack using a novel approach to war, the vertical envelopment. But not all goes well at the Waalhaven Airfield. This close-run action features both gliders and paratroopers trying to capture the board 14 airfield against Belgian Infantry and AA Guns. Also uses board 13.

FE 16 Where the Bullet Meets the Bone, November 1941: The former Yugoslavia was a dangerous place for the Axis. Partisans were everywhere. In this action set in November 1941, Tito's Partisans, using captured tankettes try to kick the Italian Garrison out of the board 48 village.

FE 17 Philippine Scouts at Mabatang, January 1942: The battle of Bataan would prove two things; that the Japanese soldier was much better than the propaganda said and the Philippine Scouts were a tough breed. In this night action, the Japanese assault a fortified line of Scouts protected by wire, mortars & SP on boards 16 and 17.

FE 18 The Bear Battalion Attacks, September, 1942: Guadalcanal with all its horror is featured in this night action between the dug in marines and the best the Japanese army has to offer. The Japanese must break through the Marine line and capture Henderson Field on board 38.

FE 19 Lemon Bridge, July 1943: Summer 1943 was a hot time in the Mediterranean. This all-infantry scenario pits the British attacking across boards 16 and 44 to capture some key buildings against the infantry of the Hermann Goering Division.

FE 20 Collision Course, September 1943: This action occurs in the Salerno Bridgehead. Two strong forces smash into each other on board 46 and 11. Both American and German combined arms square off in a fight to the finish.

FE 21 Tiger of Vitebsk, December 1943: The Tiger of Vitebsk, Albert Ernst is featured in this battle from which he earned his sobriquet. In this action three Hornets ambush an attacking force of Russian infantry and tanks. Can the Germans repeat their success where the Tiger killed 14 tanks with 21 shots? The deadly 88's will help! This scenario uses boards 18, 19, 44 and 46.

FE 22 Rampage at Ritpong, May 1944: Despite frequent complaints from the Americans about the slow pace of the Chinese army this battle showed what an aggressive Chinese force could achieve. This action features the Chinese conducting a successful assault against a fortified Japanese village on the road to Mytchinka. This scenario uses boards 32, 36, 38 and 39.

FE 23 Operation Spring, July 1944: Operation Goodwood was a bloody failure for the Allies. The SS troops atop Bourguebus Ridge had stopped the British attack. Operation Spring followed up Goodwood and threw the Canadians at the same ridge adding more bodies and burning wrecks to the battlefield. Can the Canadians break through the board 2 hills across boards 19 and 44?

FE 24 An Unconventional Attack, March 8-9, 1945: It wasnt often that the armor was called upon to attack at night but such was the desperate measures of the German army late in 1945. In this action a lot of heavy metal is called upon to clear dug in Russian defenders from the board 2 hill.


FANATIC ENTERPRISES is please to announce the release of FANATIC PACK #3; another fine scenario pack covering a variety of unique actions for the Advanced Squad Leader system. This scenario pack contains 12 well-tested, balanced, fun and different scenarios. We continue to strive for excellence in each product and hope you find this pack to be a worthwhile purchase. As always our scenarios are on card stock and per your wish the orders of battle have been included in boxes similar to other producers.

As a part of our continued effort to produce the best product we continue to listen to your input. Our European neighbors have expressed a concern regarding the presence of the nazi flag on the scenario card (used in the OOB, balance and Turn Record Chart). Apparently, there are legal restrictions against owning documents with this symbol on it. Therefore, we have these flags from our products. Therefore, our product should meet with their regulations in this regard.

A summary of the scenarios follows:

FE 38 Run From the Devil, September 1939: An interesting delaying action where the Poles must race the Germans across boards 40 and 23. There currently exist few scenarios that represent this challenging situation. Each side must constantly weigh the fire or move option as they push across the map. Each side gets motorcycle mounted troops armored cars and either tanks or tankettes.

FE 39 Misfortune, June 1940: A nice little tournament sized scenario pitting the British against the Germans in France. Featuring boards 23 and 49 this is a neat little scenario that can be played in an afternoon. The Germans get infantry, a few tanks and aerial observer directed OBA while the British get infantry and some AT Guns. The British will have some defensive maneuvering to do to keep the Germans out of the victory buildings.

FE 40 Such Impudence, June 1941: This is a fairly unique situation for ASL, a race from two directions. This scenario features the British against the Vichy French in Syria. Both sides race across the boards in search of HIP Ammo Counters. The British have the advantage of moving first but are farther away, but they know where the counters are. The Vichy are closer which gives them a tactical advantage. This is a real chess match featuring boards 49 and 22.

FE 41 Northern Lights, June 1941: The war in the far north of Russia is featured in this scenario on boards 52 and 40. This is an all infantry scenario between the Germans and the Russians where the Germans have to fight across the boards against dug in defenders. This is also a preview of a future scenario pack planned by Fanatic Enterprises covering the battles between the Russians and the Germans in the far north.

FE 42 Assault on Kunlun Pass, November 1941: Chinese combined arms!! Who would have thunk it? Chinese tanks, artillery and infantry attack across boards 18 and 9 against dug in Japanese troops. Dig out the Chapter H notes for this one as you will be using several rarely used Chinese vehicles. Just too cool given it's esoteric topic.

FE 43 The Thirsty First Goes In, January 1942: Back in Bataan for this scenario that was going to be in the Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack but was bumped to this package. On boards 17 and 32 American infantry must fight there way through dug in Japanese defenders. This is another infantry only tournament sized scenario.

FE 44 Those Malign Gray Slopes, July 1943: The Germans and Italians defend on boards 14 and 16 against American attackers. Medium sized scenario that is primarily infantry (the Germans get one tank reinforcement). A good solid slugfest.

FE 45 Out of Oranienbaum, January 1944: This is a good old-fashioned east front scenario with a Squad Leader feel to it. Using boards 16 and 19 the Russians try to blast through a screen of Luftwaffe ground personnel backed up by an AA Gun before the Germans receive reinforcements in the form of some SS tanks and infantry. The Russians get a strong combined force of infantry and tanks and self propelled guns.

FE 46 Old Fashioned Valor, June 1944: Another Chinese-Japanese scenario featuring Chinese armor, this time on boards 38 and 37. The Japanese will need all their defensive skills to stop the Chinese armor-infantry force. The Japanese get a bunch of fortifications and a couple of INF Guns to stop a large Chinese force including 5 AFV's.

FE 47 Aux Barricades!, August 1944: This is a DASL scenario set in Paris during the Liberation on boards d and a. A bunch of FFI infantry must hold onto a building against second rate German troops supported by second rate German armor. Should be interesting for those who like to play on the bigger hexes.

FE 48 Meximeux Mess, September 1944: An interesting situation pits an American force in between two strong German pincers on boards 45 and 51. The Germans get a bunch of squads and 7 AFV's against decent American force supported by FFI, a few pieces of ordnance and a self propelled gun. The Americans will quickly feel the press from all sides in this one, but will be happy for the support from their French Allies.

FE 49 Bloody Hell, January 1945: This is a reissue of a scenario that was formerly on the Coastal Fortress website incorporating a number of changes that addressed some balance issues. Set on boards 38, 11, 18 and 2 the Japanese dug in defenders are trying to keep a very powerful combined arms force of Americans off the board 2 hills. The Americans get OBA, tanks and a strong infantry force. The Japanese get fortifications, armor, guns and infantry. A truly harsh scenario for both sides.




 This scenario pack contains 18 well-tested, balanced, fun and different scenarios.

The scenario pack covers the early war from Poland to the beginning of Barbarossa and involves a multitude of combatants and situations.

A summary of the scenarios follows:

FE 78 The Birth of Blitzkrieg, September 1939: A quick tourney sized scenario featuring boards 5 and 10. This scenario pits German armor against Polish infantry supported by an AT Gun. Should be good for fast play, allowing for multiple playings in one sitting.

FE 79 Motorcycle Probe, September 1939: This interesting scenario is an attempt to represent a tactical situation difficult to model in ASL, a reconnaissance. German motorcycle infantry must seek out HIP Polish units before their reinforcements can come on. The Poles gain victory points by staying hidden but they also have to prevent the Germans from leaving the board. Features board 48

FE 80 The World Aflame, September 1939: Another Polish vs. German scenario, this time on boards 5 and 12. This scenario is a meaty scenario, featuring combined arms for each side with lots of armor, guns, OBA, fortifications. Lots of heavy duty ASL.

FE 81 Smialya, September 1939: This is another meaty scenario with lots of action on boards 5 and 12. This scenario features armor, infantry with guns, air support and fortifications and ARMORED TRAINS!!! I have some armored train rules for use in this scenario that will make this a very unique ASL scenario!!

FE 82 Mokra Melee, September 1939: A very good, moderate sized scenario on boards 48 and 52. This scenario features armor and infantry and is a good old average ASL scenario! There are some unique woods rules allowing for some vehicular woods movement.

FE 83 The Fifth Column, September 1939: OOOH BOY a very unique one. German partisan-type infantry attack some poor quality Polish infantry supported by a crappy armored car. Uses board 3 and is a tourney sized one. This is a reissue of a scenario previously published on the Coastal Fortress website.

FE 84 Black Monday, September 1939: This is a meaty Deluxe board City fight on boards a, b, c and d. The scenario pits a combined arms force of Germans attacking a dug in Polish force supported by some rarely seen Polish vehicles and Guns. A very interesting scenario. This is a reissue and revision of a scenario previously published on the Coastal Fortress website.

FE 85 Danish Pride, April 1940: This is another of those good old fashioned, no-frills type scenarios featuring the Germans attacking the Danes during their one day conquest. This scenario features German infantry supported by armored cars attacking Danish infantry supported by guns and fortifications on board 22. This is a reissue of a scenario previously published on the Coastal Fortress website.

FE 86 The End at Dombaas, April 1940: This is a cool little scenario featuring dug in and surrounded German paratroopers being attacked by the Norwegian army on boards 4 and 44. The Germans hold some Norwegian prisoners and the Norwegians using guns and mortars and attacking from all board edges must kill Gerries and release the prisoners.

FE 87 Lightning War, May 1940: This scenario features the Germans and the French meeting in a head on collision on boards 5 and 3. Both sides get armor and infantry. Smallish, tourney sized scenario that plays pretty quickly.

FE 88 Crossing the Meuse, May 1940: This scenario is an infantry only scenario set on board 2 between the French and the Germans. Elite German squads armed with FT and DC have to dig French infantry out of some pillboxes.

FE 89 The Hard Way, May 1940: This is a good-sized river-crossing scenario between the Germans and the French. The Germans get infantry of course, and are supported by an AA halftrack and some assault guns, against some dug in infantry. The Germans have to cross the river and capture some houses. Set on boards 8 and 10.

FE 90 Busted at Bulson, May 1940: An all armor scenario set on boards 19 and 44 pitting German and French armor against each other. I enjoy these all armor scenario and this one is the classic French vs. German armor scenario, heavy armored but slow tanks versus more the mobile German tanks equipped with better radios. Should be a classic.

FE 91 Elan, May 1940: German combined arms have to dig French forces out of a town, set on boards 44 and 52. A good meaty scenario.

FE 92 Loveluck, May 1940: A small tourney sized scenario featuring the Germans and the British. A German platoon and some tanks try to capture some buildings from a British platoon supported by some guns. Very quick play allows for much replay value. Set on board 33.

FE 93 Guerra Del Lampo, November 1940: The Italians make an effort at Blitzkrieg. A strong infantry and AFV force try to kick some Greek infantry out of the board 12 village and/or cross the board 11 hills. A good sized scenario with many options for each side, defend, attack, counterattack, run off board, capture buildings, kill opponents, etc. Lots to do with lots of replay value.

FE 94 Krushed at Kroussia, April 1941: The Germans arrive to help their Italian allies. This scenario pits German infantry and armor attacking dug in Greeks supported by armor. The action takes place on boards 2 and 18. The Greeks should get some good chances at counterattacks and a flexible defense allows for lots of defensive options.

FE 95 Branzini Brouhaha, July 1941: Set on board 44 this scenario pits the Rumanians against the Russians. This scenario requires vehicles and counters from Armies of Oblivion so this is another reason to encourage MMP to complete that module. This scenario features Rumanian armor, along with infantry, attacking dug in Russians reinforced by armor.




FE CG1: No Pasaran!: This is a Platoon Leader Campaign Game featuring the Guerra Civil rules. Set in Madrid early in the civil war and utilizing boards 49, 40 and 6, this CG features a Nationalist force attacking a defending Republican force. Each side gets a nice selection of armor and ordinance plus a nice selection of infantry types. This CG is moderately sized at 8 dates and should be a lot of fun for fans of GC.

FE 128 Carnage at Keren: This is a desert scenario set on boards 29, 31 and HOB I and HOB II (the Higher Ground boards). The scenario features a pair of defending Italian groups holding off a moderately sized force of Indian infantry, tanks and OBA.

FE 129 Colonel Saeki’s Raid: Here is another of those Fanatic Enterprises specialties, a unique and rare action. This one features Japanese cavalry attacking an ambushing British force. The Japanese get some elite troops mounted on horses and a couple of tankettes against a smallish British force supported by a couple of carriers. This scenario is set on board 38 and 47. A smallish tourney sized scenario.

FE 130 Desperate Straights: This scenario is set on boards 9 and 15 and features a dug in British force overlooking the valley with a Japanese infantry force must break through this line. A smallish tourney sized scenario.

FE CG2 Desert Crucible: This is another Platoon Leader Campaign Game. This is a mid war desert battle set on boards 28, 29 and 30. The British defend a depression in the desert against a large Italian and German combined arms force. This 5 date CG plays very fast with short numbers of dates, quick action and lots of dead troops! Bloody.

FE 131 Take That Damn Factory: This is a scenario set on a part of the Dzerhzinsky Tractor Works map. More Stalingrad action! This is a meaty scenario reminiscent of the best Red Barricades scenarios for this under appreciated map.

FE 132 Land of Malaria and Pain: This is a nasty jungle fight between the British and Japanese set on boards 36 and 39. The Japanese get to purchase fortifications and are in the element on defense. The Brits get some Valentine tanks in support so this should be classic PTO action with lots of replay value!

FE 133 Handed on a Silver Platter: What would an ASL pack be without a Tiger scenario?! This one features the HOB Higher Ground boards with a combined arms German force including Tigers attacking a smaller, yet dug in Russian force.



This scenario pack features 8 scenarios covering the action in the far north during the opening portion of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union.

The scenarios are as follows:

FE 108 No Walkover: 13 German squads attack up the board 50 hill from board 52 against 8 entrenched Russian squads. Note that given the theater of operations, hills and woods will play a big part.

FE 109 Salla: How does infantry go about tackling a steel beast? Well this scenario will answer that question. Set on boards 32 and 38, the Germans get 12 squads to capture some buildings and maybe even taking out a KV-2 tank. The Russians get the tank and 9 squads to help in the defense. Bone up on CCV and DC attacks.

FE 110 Not So Supermen: For those of you used to playing the German 658 SS Supermen this scenario will be a nice surprise. Not all of the German SS troops were the Ubermen of 658 fame. This scenario features 11 German SS squads trying to hold some buildings against 14 Russian squads supported by some tanks. I had hoped to feature the BT-2 Russian tank in this scenario, but AoO has not yet been released so I HAD to change to the BT-5 tank. Come on MMP! Get AoO done! :O) This scenario is set on boards 44 and 43.

FE 111 French Castoffs: This scenario features an interesting rarity. Russian and French tanks facing off! Will the early war Russian tanks be able to stop the French armor? Try your hand at this scenario, which features 16 German squads, Hotchkiss and Somua tanks taking on 13 Russian squads and lots of armor on boards 11 and 43.

FE 112 Old Tactics, New Victims: What would a Finland scenario pack be without a Finnish scenario? Well this scenario features the Finns using their Motti tactic to take out some Russian infantry. 9 Finnish squads take on 8 Russian squads. Finns have to move fast on board 52 to capture a rail station.

FE 113 Blood on the Timbers: Another one of those hill and woods scenarios. This time on boards 39 and 50. Now you will HAVE to overcome your fear of board 39 and get some exciting close quarters action going. Bone up on your CX and advance versus difficult terrain rules for this scenario featuring 15 German squads against 13 Russian entrenched defenders.

FE 114 Hide & Seek: Now this is an interesting situation. Set on board 32, both sides set up HIP. This should be interesting as your opponent is popping out of the woods all around you, lot of CC, HtH CC, Melee, blood and more blood, not for the squeamish. 11 squads vs. 11 squads in a quick playing scenario with loads of replay value.

FE 115 Reindeer Games: The Finns are back fighting partisans in the woods. Set on boards 42 and 32, 13 Finnish squads try to capture buildings or kill up to 19 Partisan squads. This is another one sure to be bloody!


Balkan Warfare Pack Released Sept 06

FE 50 Hungarian Action: Hungarian paratroopers drop into action! Yes, I said Hungarian Paratroopers!! This battle is the one fight where the Hungarian paratroopers actually did a combat drop. Ok this is not 100% historically accurate, the landing was unopposed and the Hungarians marched into battle but still somewhat captures the action of a bridge capture. Uses boards 23 and 49 and is medium sized.

FE 51 Wolf Pack in the Hills: Many of you have been clamoring for a good ambush scenario. Ok maybe one of you, but here is a cool situation. An Italian convoy moves across the board 50 hill and runs into a Partisan ambush. Partisans basically have to annihilate the convoy, while the Italians basically have to survive.

FE 52 With Friends Like These: Set on boards 32 and 50 this scenario features the Italians (actually Albanians serving for Italy) fighting the Bulgarians. A nice tourney sized scenario the Italians have to capture some buildings from the defending Bulgarians.

FE 53 Operation Braun: This is the meatiest of the bunch with a large Partisan force defending against Croatian troops backed up by some armor. Set on boards 41 and 50, the Croatians have to capture some buildings. Tough to accomplish against stone buildings.

FE 54 Dubrovnik 2: This is an interesting one set on board 48. Attacking Croatian troops have to kick out a small Partisan force from the village. Then they have defend against a counterattacking force. The victory conditions are tied around holding buildings, with fortified buildings (which can be made during play) counting for more VP. A smaller sized scenario that should allow for some good replay.

FE 55 Friends No More: Here is cool scenario set on boards 4, 8 and FE1 (free for download from my website, for use with VASL). Germans and Rumanians try to control a bridge with the Germans having to get some VP over the bridge. Again, another smaller tourney sized scenario.

FE 56 Covering the Retreat: This is a medium sized scenario set on boards w and 18. Defending Germans get some armor including French tanks and have to defend against a tidal wave, well a small wave of Russian combined arms. Germans try to hold onto a building or 3.

FE 57 War Without End: Defending Germans with some Italian tanks and assault guns defend the board 12 village from very powerful British armored troops crossing the board 50 hill mass. The Germans who are very brittle try to keep a hold of a building or two while the Brits race against time.

FE 58 The End is in Sight: A medium sized scenario featuring Croatian infantry and armor trying to break through a Partisan blocking force. Set on boards 10 and 44. This is another one of those scenarios featuring vehicles from Armies of Oblivion; another example of the vast amount of scenarios that can now be played with ASL.

FE 59 But We’re Not Quite There!: Once again a tired Croatian armor and infantry force, this time smaller due to previous battles tries to blast through a Partisan blocking force. This is another tourney-sized scenario set on board 45.


FE 134 Kecskemet Clash: A moderately sized scenario set on boards w and FE1. This scenarios features a dug in Hungarian OOB including armor holding back a truly combined arms attack by the Russians including swarm of armor and infantry backed by air support and OBA. A truly meaty scenario.

FE 135 Approach March: Here is a smallish tourney sized scenario full of replay value. Set on board 12. A small Hungarian force including a couple of Guns attempts to hold off a small force of Russian infantry backed by tanks and assault guns.

FE 136 Impertinence Rewarded: Another meaty scenario this time set on boards FE1 13 and 12 this scenario features a good sized defending Russian force backed by AT Guns trying to hold off a swarm of Hungarian infantry backed by a few Zrinyi.

FE 137 The Devil is in Trouble: Set on boards 17 and 44, German SS troops from the Dirlewanger Brigade wait for reinforcements from Hungarian armor against Russian infantry and armor. Can the Hungarians save the devil?

FE 138 Tough as old Boots!: This one is set on boards 17 and 40. A combined arms force of Germans and Hungarians have to dig out some Russian defenders protected by a great deal of fortifications.

FE 139 The Highest Value: The Germans are featured in this scenario set on boards 51 and z. A tough city fight with a large group of German infantry supported by a few pieces of armor including a captured Russian T-34 The Germans are attempting to take some buildings from a large Russian force.

FE 140 Dorog Days: This is a medium sized scenario set on board y. A small tourney scenario pits the Russians versus a small force of Germans supported by a couple of Hungarian assault guns. The Russians are attempting to capture some buildings.

FE 141 Attila: Defending Hungarian infantry attempt to hold the church on board FE 2 against a group of Rumanians backed by some Russian tanks. The Russians attack from board y.

FE 142 Defense of Sashegy Hill: A large scenario featuring dug in Hungarians on boards 41 and 21. The Hungarians attempt to hold off a strong Russian infantry/armor force, holding buildings.

FE 143 Home on the Grange: This one is set on boards 41 and 49. Russian infantry supported by some guns and using the sewers attempt to defend against a strong Russian infantry/armor force.

FE 144 Hero of the Soviet Union: Here is another tourney scenario, this time set on board FE 2. The attacking Hungarian infantry attempt to capture the FE 2 church against a Russian infantry force supported by OBA. Lots of tourney and replay value for this one.

FE 145 The Dead & the Dying: This one is set on board 21. Defending Hungarians including a Tiger tank attempt to hold the cemetery from an attacking Russian force supported by a tank.

FE 146 Pest: Here is a moderate sized scenario set on boards w and 3. It features the Hungarians supported by crappy tankettes and German armor reinforcements attempting to capture some buildings from a large Russian force with fortifications.

FE 147 Burn Baby Burn: This one is set on board 51. A medium sized Hungarian infantry force supported by a couple of flame throwing half-tracks attempting to capture some buildings from a Rumanian infantry force.

FE 148 Breakout!: Here is a moderate sized scenario set on boards 20, 21, 41. It features the Hungarians supported by an assault gun trapped and attempting to break out of a ring of Russians. The Russians set up surrounding the Hungarians and should result in some bloody action.

FE 149 Arpad Bridge: Yet another Tourney sized scenario, this one is set on boards 8 and 51. A small Hungarian infantry force supported by an artillery piece attempt to capture some buildings from a Rumanian infantry force.

FE 150 Blue Danube: Yet another Tourney sized scenario, this one is set on board w. A small Hungarian infantry force supported by a few assault guns attempts to capture some buildings from a Russian infantry force reinforced by a FT T-34.

FE 151 Brother Against Brother: A DASL scenario set on boards b and e. This one features turncoat Hungarians fighting against their erstwhile brothers. The Axis player supported by a couple of guns starts dug in on the hill and must hold the hill and an adjacent building from a powerful infantry group.


Polish Campaign scenario pack. 

FE 176: Defense of Wysloka-A company of Germans supported by light armor attacks across board 44 to knock a mixed bag of Polish defenders dug into the board 53 town. 

FE 177: The First Invasion of Germany-On September 2, 1939 Polish forces took the first action inside Germany by counterattacking a German force, causing them to retreat back into the Fatherland.  A German infantry force must outrun a truck mounted force of Poles supported by some light armor across boards FE 1 and 10.

FE 178: Crushing Polish Victory- A solid phalanx of German armor must smash through a small group of Polish infantry supported by reinforcing armor.  This scenario features boards 57 and 19.

FE179: Jakacking Ass- A convoy of German armor and mounted troops runs smack into a hidden Polish infantry force supported by an AT Gun.  Set on board 57, can the Germans break through the defenses without taking major casualties?

FE 180: Andrzejewo Aflame- Set on boards 57 and 53 a surrounded group of Polish infantry must breakout through swarms of German infantry and armor.  The meaty scenario of the bunch.

FE 181: Gardens of the Citadel-Crappy former French tankettes supported by some infantry must hold back a mixed group of infantry and armor from capturing buildings on board 6 and 20.

FE 182: Take the Flag!- Set on boards 5 and 32, the Polish cavalry makes its appearance.  The Poles have to cross the pine forests of northern Poland, break through some German infantry and make it into the Warsaw defenses.

FE 183: Shredkowice- A nice tourney sized scenario set on boards 21 and 20, a small German force of infantry and light armor must battle through a small force of Polish infantry supported by some artillery guns.

FE 184: Hurrah!- A unique situation with German and Polish cavalry battling through the streets of board 10 and a Hill overlay on board 18 to capture terrain.  A real barn burner with lots of movement and bloody action.

FE 185: Assault on Fort IX- The Germans have to cross a water filled AT Ditch in pneumatic boats to kick some defending Polish infantry out of some pillboxes.  Close quarters action set on boards 14 and 22.

FE 152 Millwork:  A train carrying German infiltrators has crashed outside the village of Mill, can these German infantry hold off Dutch infantry and artillery until reinforcements can arrive?  Set on boards 23 and 44 and features railroad overlays.


FE 153 Battalion for Special Missions: Set on board 46, a small reconnaissance force must bull its way through the town against hidden infantry defenders armed with AT Rifles.  Can your Elite German recon elements make it through?


FE 154 The Hero Maduro: A young Dutch man from Antilles travels to the Netherlands in the fall of 1939 to meet his destiny.  His destiny is to lead his men against a German strongpoint, annihilating a company of elite German paratroopers.  The mostly infantry scenario is set on boards 23 and 20. 


FE 155 Moerdijk Massacre: This is a meaty paradrop scenario featuring a large contingent of paratroopers reinforced by Glider troops as they try to capture a bridge across the board 7 river while simultaneously capturing buildings on boards 46 and 17.  The Dutch get a decent amount of infantry and several guns to protect what they control.


FE 156 Ypenburg Airfield: Set on boards FE 1, 38 and 46 a large force of German Paratroopers try to capture the airfield against a strong force of Dutch infantry supported by some armored cars and guns.


FE 157 French Forward!:  This is a quick and dirty scenario set on boards 14 and 7.  A small German recon force needs to break through a bridge defending force of infantry and SW before the French can come up and take them out.


FE 158 ABDA Command: The short lived American, British Dutch, Australian force is featured in this scenario.  This scenario has American artillery fighting alongside British and Dutch infantry defending the board 40 river as the Japanese enter across board FE 1 to cross.  The Japanese get a large infantry and armored force to get themselves across the river.


FE 159 Attack Across the Paddy Field: Paddy Fields!  Enough said, right!?  Well this one has em!  The defending Dutch infantry supported by some armor has to defend against a good sized Japanese armor and infantry force attacking down board 35.  Across those darn Paddy fields!


FE 160: The Wakamatsu Unit: This is a moderately sized scenario set on boards 32 and 38 featuring a Dutch Infantry force attempting to hold off a combined arms Japanese force, preventing them from capturing the village. 


FE 161 Cup O’ Java: This scenario is set on boards 42 and 22 and is a night scenario. The action pits a good sized force of Dutch Infantry with some reinforcements against a series of waves of Japanese infantry and tanks.  This promises to be a bloody affair. 


FE 162 Van de Ploeg to the Rescue:  A Dutch force must rescue their compadres from the assaulting Japanese. Set on boards 47 and 50, the Dutch infantry along with a couple of armored cars must get to the isolated garrison and help them escape before the Japanese infantry force overwhelms them.   


FE 163 Shadow Enemy:  The Dutch find themselves surrounded by hostile forces. The Natives of the Netherlands East Indies are restless to get out from under the yoke of their former European masters.  Here is their opportunity. Set on board 37, the Dutch infantry and trucks (ok machine gun mounted trucks), must get off board against the native forces!


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