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Fanatic Enterprises is pleased to present SCENARIO DESIGNER’S CORNER-an avenue to bring the ASL scenario designer in contact with the general ASL public.  Scenario Designer Corner is a forum for ASL Designer’s to present their masterpieces to the world and allow players to have a shot at them, play them, playtest them and give the designers feedback on their scenarios.  All scenarios are available for free download and I would ask only that if you play them please provide some feedback to the designer so that he can improve their offering.  And hopefully, one day, these fine scenarios can be published in an Official MMP/ASL publication or with one of the many fine ASL TPPs.


Below you will find a set of links to PDFs of scenario cards that I have created.  Hopefully these cards are clear and without any major proofing errors.  If there are, blame me and not the scenario designers.  I, of course, cannot take credit for the great scenarios that they offer (unless I am the designer of course), so all credit to them, all blame to me! 


Click on the link, download the scenario.  That is all.


Also the First Link is to a basic Scenario Design & Playtest Reporting Form that you may or may not use.  This should hopefully be a useful tool to allow you to comment on scenarios and provide feedback to designers.  This form is certainly not mandatory, but may be helpful to the designer.


You can either provide feedback to me at or directly to the scenario designer.  I have provided email addresses where the designer has agreed.


SCENARIO DESIGNERS- Feel free to submit your scenarios in any form, I can convert them to my scenario format if that is ok with you.  Or you can submit them in a format you have and I will gladly upload them that way.  Please tell me whether the scenario is rough draft, playtested or a fully playtested scenario ready to be considered FINAL.   Also please provide some contact information including email and whether you mind if I post that information on the scenario card and your preferred method of receiving feedback.

Scenario Design & Playtest Reporting Form

FEPT1-Not Gonna Be Easy

The Above Scenario is a desert scenario featuring a Rare Vehicle (the SPW 250/11-a halftrack toting the 2.8cm sPzB 41 AT Gun).  A meeting engagement between German and British recon forces.  Scenario Designer-Paul Kenny (

FEPT3-China One

The above scenario is a cool Chinese vs Japanese early war city slugfest.  Both sides get armor and they battle over a couple of boards of stone buildings.  I am a little concerned about 3 and 4 FP squads fighting in +3 TEM so very interested in how people see how this plays out. Scenario Designer-Paul Kenny (

DGL PT1v1 Breakout Too Late

The above scenario is my kind of scenario, relatively small to medium, a German Recon element with haltracks takes on a series of Russian infantry and armor, trucks, motorcycles, Lend Lease Shermans, this one is a nice smorgasborg (sp?), but not too large.  Interesting situation and all.  This was originally submitted to Steve Swann in the Quck Fire Challenge.  Scenario is by Don Lazov, who can be reached at

FEPT4-War With No Quarter

The above scenario is a Croatian vs Partisan meeting engagement in the hills.  Both sides enter the board, partisans are mounted in trucks.  The partisans have to fight through the Croats to exit and interesting and fast paced scenario.  Contact me at with any comments.

IWPT1 Fighting Over Food & Ammo

The above scenario is from Ian Willey and was previously submitted to the ASL Forum's Monkeys With Typewriters competition.  The scenario is a small one, Russian and German Infantry fight to possess some randomly placed ammo counters.  Interesting and quick playing with alot of replay value.  Contact Ian at with any comments.