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The following link is a PDF file of the Fanatic Enterprises Errata.

click here to download file

Yes mistakes happen, we try to keep em to a minimum but ce' la ASL.
FE 1: A Victory for Early Polish Armor: Use French FT-17 for the additional required Polish tanks.
FE 3: The Border Forts: Prisoners are worth 0 DVP.

FE 6: Cavalry Charge at Mussino: Regardless of the picture on the scenario card, neither side gets winter cammoflage
FE 8: Soebang Serenade: Add 1 x228 to the board 38 Japanese Setup Group
Exchange the Light Trucks in the Dutch OOB for Medium Trucks.
The M-H IIIAC are Allied Minor Vehicle Note 29.  Use the British vehicle counter for the additional vehicle required.  The VCL M1936 is Allied Minor Vehicle Note 25 and the CTLS-4 is the Allied Minor Vehicle Note 26.
The Lt MTR in the Dutch OOB is the 50mm version and does not enter dm.
FE 9: Blackforce Counterattack: Add "...from infantry..." after FP in the Victory Conditions.
Q. SSR 2 says, "Place Ford counters in 40AA4, 40AA3, 40BB3, 40BB4." Per B20.8,
Fords are places in Gully/_Stream_ hexes. A Water Obstacle like on board 40
does not have Fords, but can have Fordable hexes [B21.4, B21.41]. Fordable
hexes are not enterable by vehicles, and require all MF plus hazardous
movement. Is this what was intended by SSR 2?
A. Yes, a Fordable Hex.

FE 11: Italian Winter: Boresighting is NA.
The T-34 747(r) is the German designation for the captured T-34 in German service.
 From Stewart Thain "I have one question - more of a clarification really. In FE11 "Italian Winter", SSR 5 states that the German units are SS. The orbat listing has (SS) against the 838s and (g) against the 447s.

Now, my assumption from the SSR is that the 447s are also SS and have a broken morale of 8, correct?
Answer  447's are SS.

FE 12 Once More Into the Breach

In Russian Setup Change 4F to 4FF

The Optional Rules included on the rear of the cover sheet are optional and are not required for use in any of the Fanatic Pack scenarios. These rules were NOT used in the playtesting for these scenarios. 
FE 17: Philippine Scouts at Mabatang: Delete one crew from the Japanese OOB.
FE 20: Collission Course: Germans Move First.
FE 26 Precious Minutes: Add one Game Turn to the Scenario.
FE31, "Plenty of Time to Rest when Your Dead:"

SSR1 says that PTO is in effect (Exc: roads exist and are one lane). Does you also intend to have the bridges exist? We played yes. What is a one-lane road? We couldn't locate it, so we played it like a one lane bridge.

Bridges does exist.  Handle a one-lane road as a one-lane bridge.

FE 30 Trail #2

Change Overlay B1 location to 43O9.



FE41: Northern Lights: Rotate North Arrow 90 degrees.



FE 62: Uncle Joe's Fury:

The BT-2A is a tank similar to the BT-5 for game purposes with a 37L MA. Use BT-5 counters with a 37L MA, B12 and no CMG.

In the Victory Conditions, Change "45" to "35"

FE 63: Our Land:

The BT-2B is a tank similar to the BT-5 for game purposes with a 4FP MG MA. Use BT-5 counters with a 4FP MA with two CMG. One CMG is coincident with the MA while the second covers the TCA 45 degrees clockwise from the MA. Both CMG are 4 FP MG's.

The BT-2A and the BT-2B are scheduled to be released with Armies of Oblivion.


FE 66 Tedium

Breeze is from Southwest

Change 29 to 39 in the VC.

FE 67: A Cold Day in Hell

There should only be 10 squads and one 9-0 in the Finn OOB.


FE 68: Beasts of Prey: The scenario should be 7.5 Turns, not 9.5 Turns.

FE 70 Worker's Settlement No. 8:

Add the following SSR:

SSR 4: No more than one German MMC may setup per hex and all German units must setup in concealment terrain. The Germans have limited movement capability. Prior to each German Player Turn, the German player rolls a dr. That dr plus the Game Turn # are the number of German MMC that may move that Turn. There is no restriction against routs or advances.

FE 77 Stalin's Revenge

The Russians enter on/between 32I10 and 32P3.

The 2nd coordinate for the overlay is the facing of the building.



FE 78: The Birth of Blitzkrieg: Disregard reference to Polish MTR in SSR 2.

FE 82: Mokra Melee: EVP are gained for exiting off south edge.

FE 84: Black Monday: Change "east" to "north" in the victory conditions.

FE 87 Lightning War: In the Victory Conditions, change "...west board edge." to "... west edge of board 3."

Shellholes do not exist.


FE 88: The Hard Way: Only hexrows A through R on board 10 and P through GG on board 8 are in play.   River flows to the north.     Hills Do not exist, treat all terrain (EXC. River as rising from Level 0.

FE 94: Krushed at Kuraissa: The Greek AT Guns are the Bofors version.

FE 95 Branzini Brouhaha: The Russian receives 2 each T-28 and BT-2A. 

The T-28 are the M34 models. 


The Luzon Pack

FE 96 Luzon Fire!: The Japanese Tanks are considered equipped with radios.  Partisans can use FT and DC as if elite.   Change VC from 16 to 14.

FE 101 San Manuel #2: Change in the Victory Conditions: "...>3 multihex buildings.." to "...>4 multihex buildings east of the stream..."

FE 103 Yanagimoto: Change 32 to 52 in the Victory Conditions.

FE 104 An Army Travels on Its Stomach: Change It's to Its in the title of scenario

The American vehicle is the M18 GMC.


FE 105: Change 24 to 34 in the Victory Conditions and change the American Balance to "Change "34" to "32" in the Victory Conditions."

The Japanese Player moves first

FE 106: Hero in our Midst: Americans have to capture all of the multi-hex buildings and game should be 7.5 Game Turns long.


Barbarossa North

FE 110: Not So Supermen: Rotate North Arrow 90 degrees clockwise.


The Oblivion Pack Clarifications

FE 116 Bad Neighbor Policy: You can of course ignore SSR 2 and the Hungarian AT Gun is the 37mm Kanon PUV vz 37(t) Axis Minor Ordinance Note 51

FE 117 Sanok Action: The Slovakian tank is the LT vz 35(g)

FE 120 Nasty Business: The Partisan crew is a 228.  In the Victory Conditions change last sentance to "Prisoners captured by the Partisans are worth 0 CVP."

FE 122 Slovakian Slugfest: The Slovakian AT Guns are the 3mm Kanon PUV vz 37(t) Axis Minor Ordinance Note 51

FE 123 Enemies All Around: The Bulgarian tank is the LT vz 35(g)

FE 124 Paulis Detachment:   The Rumanian MTR is the Brandt M27/31 Axis Minor Ordinance Note 47.      The 122* ART Gun is the G obr. 10/30 Axis Minor Ordinance Note 64      The Hungarian PzIVG IS a IVG but is equivalent to the IVH for game purposes, Axis Minor Vehicle Note 39

FE 125 Lessons Learned the Hardway: The Bulgarian tank is the LT vz 35(g)

FE 127: Junkyard Wars: The Bulgarian AG is the Semovente L40 da 47/32.  The Stug IIIG is not the L version but the StugIIIG(g).  The two German AC's are the PSW 231(8Rad) and the PSW 232 (8Rad).



FE 129 Colonel Saeki's Raid

Japanese ELR should be 4

* Though it states that hexes A5 and B5 are included for "south of stream" status...are these stream hexes themselves, or is there terrain as shown on map?

terrain as shown on the map only for south of the stream status.

* Carrier crews are not vehicle, they check morale at "8", but are they 247's?


* What level Is the hut overlay at 47 F4G4?
How are crest lines determined?

Level 0, crest lines should be the crest sides for F4-F5, F4-G5, G4-G5 and G4-H4

* Believe I'm correct that only the 3 huts on Board 38 on or south of hexes numbered 3 count toward VC total modification.

Nope brits can set up anywhere on Board 47 as well as on 38 on/south of hexes numbered 3 so all those hut hexes on board 47 are eligible


FE 130 Desperate Straights: The British

Set up on any hill hex numbered >2 on board 9 and < 8 on board 15:

FE CG 2: Desert Crucible: DTO is in effect, with overlays. Place overlays SD2 on 28Q5-P5, D5 on 30Y5-Y6, H1 on 29y6-X6, S2 on 28I4-J4 and S6 on 30G1-H1

FE 132: Land of Malaria and Pain

Change "48" to "33" in the Victory Conditions

Add the following sentance to SSR 1: Trails are considered roads for vehicular movement purposes. 


Balkan Warfare

FE51:  The Flag for the partisan OOB should be a Soviet flag, indicating a communist partisan unit. 

FE 56: In the scenario description the river Save is referred to.  The actual river name is the Sava, however the Germanic version of the river name is Save.


FE 138: Tough as Old Boots:

May the Russians setup on board 40 or only on Board 17 on/south of hexrow 6 ?  Russians may set up either on board 40 and/or board 17 south of hexrow 6. 
FE 150: Blue Danube
VC: The Hungarian player wins at game end if he controls the S4, S8 and Q6 buildings.

FE 162: Van der Pleog to the Rescue
The Japanese should have 1 MMG, 1 LT MTR and 2 LMG
FE 170 Carnage in the Night 

In SSR 3 Delete the 9-1 from Group 1, Replace the Group 3 9-1 with an 8-0.

Add one 6+1 counter to the listed OB from 1 6+1 to 2 6+1
FE 171: Signs of Victory
Clartification: The Hungarian player enters on the west edge and/or on the north edge west of hex 56k1
FE 173 Romanian Ritterkreuz: The Romanian player can set up on/anywhere north of hexes numbered 7 on board 17 INCLUDING board 42.
FE 175: The Hihenruppersdorf Hop
VC: Change 45Q1 to 45Q10
Delete SSR 3
The German player receives 2 AT Guns not 1
Son of Oblivion Pack.1
FE 168.1 The First Battle of Uryv
The Hungarian OOB should be 18x 3-4-7, 1x9-1, 1x8-1, 2x7-0, 1x HMGdm, 1x, MMGdm, 4x LMG(g), 1x LT MTR, 4x PzIVF1(g), 2x Marder II and 2x LTvz 38(t)E,
Polish Campaign
FE 180 Andrzejewo Aflame
PzIIIA should be PzIIID
Poles receive 4 ? Counters
German OBA is HE only.
FE 176 Defense of Wysloka
VC: Change 15 to 28
FE 185 Assault on Fort IX
All Fortifications must be set up on board revealed prior to German set up
Pillboxes cannot be set up on board in hexes numbered >3.

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